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Peer-reviewed publications (as of April 23, 2024):


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  • Kluge, F., Hüneke, T., Lerot, C., Rosanka, S., Rotermund, M. K., Taraborrelli, D., Weyland, B., and Pfeilsticker, K.: Airborne glyoxal measurements in the marine and continental atmosphere: Comparison with TROPOMI observations and EMAC simulations, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 23, 1369-1401,, 2023.

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          Some talks

          This PowerPoint Presentation file contains the talk of Richard Fitzenberger at the Institutsseminar(IUP Heidelberg) about the Stratospheric Inorganic Bromine Budget which he gave on Nov. 30, 2000 (Zipped PPS file: 2.6 MB)



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