Therese Weißbach

Position PhD Student
Address Im Neuenheimer Feld 229
Room 314
Phone 6528
Group Physics of Isotopologues


Research Interests:

  • Paleo hydrology using 
  • Stable isotopes in fluid inclusions of speleothem carbonate
  • noble gas solubility in stalagmite inclusions and in groundwater

Therese Weißbach is a PhD student at the Institute of Environmental Physics where she focuses on developing and applying a new laser-spectroscopic system for the analysis of fluids inclusion water δ18O and δD values in speleothems. Her studies at the Heidelberg University and Utrecht University focus on aquatic system research, paleo-hydrology, stable isotope geochemistry and noble gas thermometry in speleothems and groundwater.

The current DFG project can be found here:



Raidla, V., Pärn, J., Aeschbach, W., Czuppon, G., Ivask, J., Kiisk, M., ... & Weissbach, T. (2019). Intrusion of Saline Water into a Coastal Aquifer Containing Palaeogroundwater in the Viimsi Peninsula in Estonia. Geosciences, 9(1), 47.

Pärn, Joonas, et al. (including Weissbach,T.) "Dating of glacial palaeogroundwater in the Ordovician-Cambrian aquifer system, northern Baltic Artesian Basin." Applied geochemistry 102 (2019): 64-76.

Gerber, Christoph, et al. (including Weissbach,T.) "Using 81Kr and noble gases to characterize and date groundwater and brines in the Baltic Artesian Basin on the one-million-year timescale." Geochimica et cosmochimica acta 205 (2017): 187-210.

Weißbach, T., 2014. Noble gases in palaeogroundwater of glacial origin in the Cambrian-Vendian aquifer, Estonia. Masterarbeit, Universität Heidelberg, 129 Seiten.


Conference abstracts:

 Weissbach T, Kluge T, Fohlmeister J, Riechelmann D & Vonhof H (2019), „Reproducibility and Accuracy of Fluid Inclusion Isotope Studies Using the CRDS Technique“ Goldschmidt Abstracts, 2019 3663