Moritz Kirschner

Portrait Moritz Kirschner
Position M.Sc. Student
Group STACY - Palaeoclimate dynamics and variability

Research interests

  • Climate models across all complexities, from "simple" EBMs to complex GCMs
  • Glacial-interglacial and future climate variability
  • State dependency of δ18O response to natural forcing, esp. volcanic

Moritz is writing his master’s thesis in the STACY working group at the Institute of Environmental Physics. As part of his thesis, he is aiming to answer the question how natural forcing affects climate and water isotopes in polar and alpine regions and whether or not it is possible to see the effects of a strong volcanic eruption in precipitated δ18O at prominent ice core drill sites.

Conference contributions

Moritz Kirschner, Max Holloway, Louise Sime & Kira Rehfeld, Quantifying the influence of natural forcing on water isotopes and climate in polar and alpine regions using HadCM3, YES Conference 2019, Berlin (Poster). Link