Dr. Tobias Kluge

Position Research group leader
Address Im Neuenheimer Feld 229
Room 330
Phone 6511
E-mail tobias.kluge@iup.uni-heidelberg.de
Group Physics of Isotopologues
Website https://www.iup.uni-heidelberg.de/research/iso

In 2000 I started my academic career at Heidelberg University (Germany) with diploma studies in Physics and additional studies in Mathematics and Computer Science. In 2005 I obtained the Physics diploma at Heidelberg University. Subsequently, I focused on applying Physics to problems related to the Earth system and our environment, as e.g. the reconstruction of paleotemperatures (using noble gas temperatures) or details of the hydrological system (e.g., tracing groundwater-lake interaction with Rn-222). In 2008 I obtained a Ph.D. in natural sciences (Dr rer. nat) working on paleotemperature reconstruction using noble gases in fluid inclusions of stalagmites.

In 2010, I joined Prof. Affek at the Department of Geology and Geophyiscs of Yale University (USA) to investigate the potential of carbonate Clumped Isotopes in speleothems for paleoclimatic uses.

From 2012-2014 I was a postdoctoral researcher at Imperial College, London (UK) with focus on Clumped Isotopes applications under reservoir conditions. The research at Imperial College was conducted in the framework of the Qatar Carbonates and Carbon Storage Research Centre (QCCSRC).

Since January 2014 I'm a research group leader at the Institute of Environmental Physics of Heidelberg University. The research group was funded as part of the German Universities Excellence Initiative and focuses on the fundamentals of isotope systems, the theory behind multiply-substituted isotopologues and paleo-climate or more generally Earth science applications of this new technique.

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