Marvin Knapp

This is Marvin Knapp
Position PhD Candidate
Address Im Neuenheimer Feld 229
Room 320
Group Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere
Website ORCID, Homepage

Research interests

  • Remote sensing of greenhouse gases
  • Spectral imaging
  • Emission estimation and mitigation targets

I developed an early interest in environmental physics during my studies in Heidelberg, where I focused on remote sensing of the atmosphere. During my time here, I worked with air-borne DOAS observations and ground-based FTIR spectroscopy. Currently I am developing carbon dioxide and methane imaging techniques for shortwave infrared hyperspectral cameras in a novel viewing geometry. I enjoy working on the methods which process the field observations into scientifically relevant data, e.g. methane emission dynamics from coal mine ventilation shafts.


  • Knapp, M., Scheidweiler L., Külheim F., Kleinschek R., Necki J., Jagoda P., and Butz A.: Spectrometric imaging of sub-hourly methane emission dynamics from coal mine ventilation, Environmental Research Letters, doi:/10.1088/1748-9326/acc346, 2023
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  • Knapp, M., Kleinschek, R., Hase, F., Agustí-Panareda, A., Inness, A., Barré, J., Landgraf, J., Borsdorff, T., Kinne, S., and Butz, A.: Shipborne measurements of XCO2, XCH4, and XCO above the Pacific Ocean and comparison to CAMS atmospheric analyses and S5P/TROPOMI, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 13, 199–211,, 2021
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