Dr. Edith Engelhardt

Position Postdoctoral Researcher
Address Im Neuenheimer Feld 229
Room 436
Phone +49 6221 546385
E-mail edith.engelhardt@iup.uni-heidelberg.de
Group Hydrospheric Tracers and Proxies

Selected publications

  • Tomonaga, Y., Giroud, N., Brennwald, M.S., Horstmann, E., Diomidis, N., Kipfer, R., Wersin., P., 2019.  On-line monitoring of the gas composition in the Full-scale Emplacement experiment at Mont Terri (Switzerland). Applied Geochemistry 100, 234-243. pdf.
  • Weber, U.W., Kipfer, R., Horstmann, E., Ringrose, P., Kampman, N., Tomonaga, Y., Brennwald, M.S., Sundal, A., 2021.  Noble gas tracers in gas streams at Norwegian CO2 capture plants. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 106, 103238. pdf.
  • Horstmann, E., Tomonaga, Y., Brennwald., M.S., Schmidt, M., Liebetrau. V., Kipfer, R., 2021.  Noble gases in sediment pore water yield insights into hydrothermal fluid transport in the northern Guaymas Basin. Marine Geology 434, 106419. pdf.
  • Engelhardt, E., Tomonaga, Y., Brennwald, M.S., Maden, C., Hansteen, T.H., Schmidt, C., Kipfer, R., 2022.  Mantle helium in pore fluids of deep-sea sediments around the Azores archipelago. Chemical Geology 608, 121038. pdf.