Prof. Dr. A. Butz

Our group explores the composition of the Earth's atmosphere and its interaction with the terrestrial and oceanic surface using spectroscopic remote sensing techniques.

Dr. Martina Schmidt

Through the study of atmospheric concentrations and isotopic composition of the above trace gases the group searches for a quantification of sources and sinks and atmospheric trans

Prof. Dr. W. Aeschbach

Our group deals with applications of isotope and environmental tracers, in particular noble gases, for the study of groundwater recharge and flow.

Dr. Samuel Hammer

ICOS-CRL, the central radiocarbon laboratory of the European research infrastructure ICOS, analyses atmo. ¹⁴CO₂ to break it down into its biogenic and fossil components.

Prof. Dr. N. Frank

Physics of Environmental Archives explores the climate messages left in various geological sedimentary archives such as corals, speleothems, calcareous tufa and marine sediments.

Prof. Dr. T. Wagner

Our group deals with the analysis and interpretation of satellite spectra to derive global trace gas maps, emission sources, transport processes, and chemical transformations.

Dr. Sanam Vardag

Our group uses atmospheric transport models to study the carbon cycle and support mitigation.