Bobrowski, Nicole

Bobrowski, Nicole
Position Research Assistant
Address Im Neuenheimer Feld 229
Room 324
Phone 6309
Group Troposphere, free radicals, and volcanic emissions

Research interests

  • volcanic degassing - particular focus on halogens

Selected publications

  • Kuhn J., Platt u., Bobrowski N., Wagner T. (2019), Towards imaging of atmospheric trace gases
    using Fabry Perot Interferometer Correlation Spectroscopy in the UV/Vis spectral range, Atmos.
    Meas. Tech. 12, 735–747,
  • Tirpitz J.-L., Pöhler D., Bobrowski N., Christenson B., Rüdiger J., Schmitt S., Platt U. (2019),
    Non-dispersive UV Absorption Spectroscopy: A Promising New Approach for in-situ Detection
    of Sulfur Dioxide, Front. Earth Sci. 7:26, doi: 10.3389/feart.2019.00026
  • Dinger F., Bredemeyer S., Arellano S., Bobrowski N., Platt U., and Wagner T. (2019), On the
    link between Earth tides and volcanic degassing, Solid Earth 10, 725–740,
  • Warnach S., Bobrowski N., Hidalgo S., Arellano S., Dinger F., Lübcke P., Battaglia J., Steele A.,
    Galle B., Platt U. and Wagner T. (2019), Variation of the BrO/SO2 molar ratio in the plume of
    Tungurahua volcano from NOVAC data between 2007 and 2017 and its relationship to seismic
    data, Frontiers Earth Science, in press.