The global carbon cycle - driving and driven by climate
Dr. Christian Rödenbeck
INF 229, SR 108/110

The global carbon cycle comprises all processes on Earth ultimately linked to the release or absorption of atmospheric CO2. Due to the greenhouse effect of CO2, the global carbon cycle is therefore an important element in Earth's climate system. Burning of fossil fuels and other anthropogenic activities emit CO2 and thus change the climate. The changing climate, in turn, affects natural processes in the carbon cycle (ocean and land vegetation). The resulting feedback loops have the potential to dampen or to accelerate the climate change. To help understanding the role of the carbon cycle, the carbon sources and sinks, in particular their changes and their relationships to climate, can be quantified on the basis of sustained measurements of various kinds taken around the world.
The talk will give an overview on the global carbon cycle, and present current findings from the data-based quantification of natural and anthropogenic CO2 sources and sinks.