New Publication on the precise Th/U dating using MCICPMS by Inga Kerber and coworkers

New Publication in NIM-B

In 2014, a new MCICPMS system has been placed at our institute which ever since generated a large amount of Th and U isotope data used for high precision 230Th/U dating. We have pushed the limits of this technology to become fast, ultra precise, and highly accurate. This new publication by Inga and her coworkers now brings all the details and recent discoveries including ghost signals to light and demonstrates the feasibility to measure 230Th/U ages reproducible and accurate with a precision of <1 year at 12 years age to <110 years at 135000 years. Thus, e-precision can be achieved routinely if coral and stalagmite samples permit for it in terms of their dating system boundary conditions, i.e. U concentration and age. Find the article and the detailed methodological assessment of the dating methods here:  NIM-B