Inga Kerber

Position PhD Student
Address Room 506
Im Neuenheimer Feld 229
69120 Heidelberg
Phone +49 6221 54-6480
Group Physics of Environmental Archives

Research interests

  • 230Th/U dating, i. e. measurement protocols and data evaluation

  • (multi-collector inductively coupled plasma) mass spectrometry

  • analysis of age distributions as a palaeoclimate proxy

  • secondary carbonates (speleothems and cold-water corals)


  • Simultaneous U and Th isotope measurements for U-series dating using MCICPMS
    Inga Kristina Kerber, Jennifer Arps, Rene Eichstädter, Fabian Kontor, Christoph Dornick, Andrea Schröder-Ritzrau, Athuly Babu, Sophie Warken, Norbert Frank, NIM-B 539,169-178 doi:10.1016/j.nimb.2023.04.003 (go to)

Conference Contributions

  • KROnline Seminar, online (2021). I. K. Kerber et al.: Palaeoclimate as demonstrated from speleothem age distributions in Northwestern Europe. Poster presentation.
  • GeoKarlsruhe, online (2021). I. K. Kerber et al.: Systematic analysis of precision, long-term stability and data processing of MC-ICP-MS 230Th/U-dating of secondary carbonates. Oral presentation.
  • EGU General Assembly, hybrid format (2022). I. K. Kerber et al.: Data treatment and systematic analysis of MC-ICP-MS 230Th/238U dating of secondary carbonates. Short oral presentation.
  • KR9 Innsbruck, Austria (2022). I.K. Kerber et al.:Systematic analysis of correction factors and an open-source software for MC-ICPMS 230Th/U-dating. Poster presentation


  • Heidelberg Graduate School for Physics (HGSFP) start-up PhD fellowship.
  • Participant of the 5-weeks “Trends, rhythms and events in the earth’s climate system” summer school 2021, University of Potsdam (Germany), online.