Hydra, Hermes, Hercules – An archaeohydrological journey through ancient Greece
Palaeoclimate Greece
Prof. Dr. Ingmar Unkel
INF 229, SR 108/110

Environmental and cultural changes and their mutual relationship or influence have long been a subject of research in the Eastern Mediterranean region with its long historical and prehistorical record. However, environmental records with a comparatively high temporal resolution near archaeological sites are still quite rare in Southern Greece. During the presentation, we will visit several study sites across the Peloponnese, where an interdisciplinary team of scientists works on the reconstruction of environmental changes and their potential impact on the cultural development in the region. The team uses isotopic, geochemical, and sedimentological proxies from selected caves and lakes to (a) reconstruct the changes in hydrological dynamics across the Peloponnese in the past; (b) describe reactions of regional hydrology on climate variations reported from higher latitudes and potentially find coupling mechanisms; (c) differentiate natural environmental conditions in the region from effects of human influence on the local hydrology, erosion, and sedimentation.