Our rooftop atmospheric observatory
Understanding the carbon cycle
Greenhouse gas emissions imaging
Volcanic carbon emissions
New remote sensing techniques
Model and satellite validation
Monitoring man-made GHG emissions
New satellite sensor for powerplant emissions

Atmosphere (Group Butz)

Our group explores the gaseous and particulate composition of the Earth's atmosphere. The main research focus is on the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) which drive current climate change through their man-made emissions. Our goal is to better understand the anthropogenic and biogeochemical processes that control atmospheric abundances of CO2 and CH4 and other constitutents. To this end, we use and develop radiative transfer and spectroscopic remote sensing techniques that enable highly accurate measurements of greenhouse gas concentrations from satellites and ground-based platforms.


If you are interested in contributing to our research through Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D. projects, please contact us.



Understanding the carbon cycle: GOSAT measurements suggest that the seasonal and year-to-year variability of the Australian biogenic CO2 fluxes is dominated by quick CO2 release from microbial respiration at the onset of rain after the dry period (Metz et al., 2023).


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Imaging: CO2 plume of the Mannheim (GKM) coal-fired power plant measured by our hyperspectral camera operating on scattered sunlight in the shortwave infrared. The camera was placed roughly at 3 km distance from the stack. The red color coding shows CO2 enhancements above the blue sky background. Recent paper on imaging of CH4 plumes from coal mines here.


Design of new satellite sensors: Map of worldwide coal-fired powerplants with emissions color-coded (modified from Strandgren et al., 2020). We develop a new satellite sensor concept for monitoring powerplant carbon dioxide emissions (collaboration with DLR).


Verification of man-made greenhouse gas emissions: Side-by-side deployment of greenhouse gas spectrometers prior to a field campaign targeting at methane emissions from coal mines in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (collaboration with KIT, DLR, TUM, AGH).


Volcanic carbon dioxide emissions: Field deployment of our mobile remote sensing greenhouse gas observatory at volcano Mt. Etna. We collected cross sections of the volcanic plume in about 5 km downwind distance of the craters. Our solar absorption spectroscopic technique can discriminate 0.5 ppm carbon dioxide enhancements on top of the ~400 ppm atmospheric background.


Background greenhouse gas measurements for model and satellite validation: Mobile spectrometer setup for deployments on ships and other moving platforms for validation and verification of satellite and model data. Our solar tracker is able to track the center of the solar disk to within fractions of a sun diameter under typical platform motion.


Development of innovative remote sensing techniques: Spectrum of sunlight scattered off the hills of the Odenwald measured by our new spectrometer with high light throughput and enhanced detector sensitivity. The absorption spectrum shows vibrational-rotational absorption spectra of carbon dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide, water vapor and molecular oxygen that we want to use for developing gas imaging techniques.


Prof. Dr. André Butz
Universität Heidelberg
Institut für Umweltphysik
Im Neuenheimer Feld 229 (4th floor, room 424)
69120 Heidelberg

Phone: +49 6221 54 6310
Email: andre.butz ( at )


Artelt, Lukas, cand., Bsc.
Bobrowski, Nicole, Dr., Senior scientist (now at INGV, Italy)
Butz, André, Prof. Dr., Head of group
Charuvil Asokan, Harikrishnan, Dr., postdoc
Dillerup, Ines, cand.
Enders, Vincent, cand.
Gassama, Angelika, Technician
Glauch, Theo, Dr. (with DLR)
Häffner, Lukas, Ph.D. cand.,, (with UBA)
Hägele, Johannes, cand.
Haveresch, Helge, cand.
Holzbeck, Philip, Ph.D. cand. (with MPIC), ,
Jandl, Ida, cand.
Kleinschek, Ralph, Optics engineer
Knapp, Marvin, Ph.D. cand.,
Löw, Benedikt, Ph.D. cand.,
Lüken-Winkels, Christopher,, Ph.D. cand.
Maiwald, Robert, cand.
May, Maximilian, Ph.D. cand.
Metz, Eva-Marie, Ph.D. cand.,
Pilz, Lukas, Ph.D. cand.,
Plewa, Thomas, Ph.D. cand. (with DLR)
Scheidweiler, Leon, Ph.D. cand.,,
Schmitt, Tobias, Ph.D. cand.
Sindram, Moritz, cand.,
Sommani, Anna, Ph.D. cand.
Sreekumar, Sreedev, Ph.D. cand. (with MPIC)
Voss, Karolin, Ph.D. cand.,,
Weis, Lukas, cand.

close collaboration and integration with Sanam Vardag's group on greenhouse gas simulations and Maximilian Jungmann at the Heidelberg Center for the Environment.


Alumni and theses

Külheim, Felix, (2023); Siegel, Tim-Adrian, (2023); Kraus, Simeon, (2023); Schenk, Michael, (2023); Eichmeyer Livia, project (2023); Leonie Kemeter, (2023); Paul Edinger, (2023); Max Bechtold, (2023); Carsten Schneider, (2023); Christopher Lüken-Winkels, (2023); Marvin Kriening, (2023); Lukas Häffner, (2023); Kenneth von Bünau, (2022);Leon Scheidweiler, (2022); Simone Wald, (2022); Jonathan Flunger, (2022); Karolin Voss, (2022); Philipp Holzbeck, (2022); Franziska Niedeggen, (2022); Johanna Beikert, (2022); Timo Knaack, (2022); Andreas Luther, Dr., postdoc (2021); Lena Schreiner, M. sc. (2021); Eva-Marie Schömann, (2021); Valentin Hanft, (2021); Katja Grossmann, Dr., postdoc (2021); Lukas Artelt, (2021); Axel Könekamp, (2021); Moritz Sindram, (2021),  Vincent Enders, (2021); Marcel Kern, (2021); Jonas Wilzewski, Ph.D. (at DLR) (2021); Andreas Luther, Ph.D. (at DLR) (2021); Christin, Pross, project (2021); Felix Külheim, (2021); Lukas Pilz, (2021); Felix Klein, (2021); Dominic Batzler, (2020); Robin Herlan, (2020); Mahshid Homayouni, (2020); Carolina Nelson, (2020); Michael Schenk, (2020); Constanze Wellmann, postdoc (2020); Markus Haun, (2020); Nils Roerup, (2020); Karolin Voss, (2020); Lucas Warmuth, (2020); Florian Kleinicke, (2020); Philip Holzbeck, (2019); Linus Balles, (2019); Benedikt Hemmer, (2019); Marvin Knapp, (2019); Alexander Hubig, (2019); Robin Mueller, project (2019); Blanca Fuentes, project (2019); Frederik Mayer, (2019); Soeren Rubner, (2019); Carsten Schneider, (2019); Leon Scheidweiler, (2018);


Book contributions

Reents, F., Gerhard, U., and Butz, A.: Kippen, Sich Einrichten und Deuten. Geokritische Poetiken des Anthropozän in interdisziplinärer Lesart, pages 65-85, in Dürbeck, G., Probst, S., Schaub, C. (editors), Anthropozäne Literatur Poetiken - Themen - Lektüren, ISBN 978-3-662-63898-9,, 2022.

Peer-reviewed papers

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Müller, A., Tanimoto, H., Sugita, T., Patra, P. K., Nakaoka, S., Machida, T., Morino, I., Butz, A. and Shiomi, K.: Ship- and aircraft-based XCH4 over oceans as new tool for satellite validation, Atmos. Meas. Tech. Disc., doi:10.5194/amt-2023-144, preprint, 2023.
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