Climate and structure of the 8.2 climate event

Global and Planatary Change - New Publication

In a new publication in Global and Planetary Change three stalagmites from cave systems in Germany provide new insight on the most pronounced climate anomaly of the Holocene was the 8.2 ka cooling event. A pronounced negative excursion of the δ18O values and can be divided into a ‘whole event’ and a ‘central event’. All stalagmites show a similar structure of the event with a short negative excursion prior to the ‘central event’, which marks the beginning of the ‘whole event’. Possibly the isotope records of the three stalagmites do not primarily reflect local climate change, but rather large-scale North Atlantic changes. However, other proxies such as Mg/Ca and δ13C may not be as sensitive as δ18O values to record this centennialscale cooling event as those seem to provide evidence of european vegetation changes during the 8.2 ka event. All the details of the finding are here