Marleen Lausecker receives her PhD

Marleen Lausecker

Marleen worked out the thermal history of the mid-depth Atlantic since the last glacial using geochemical and isotope tracers in cold water corals. She established the first Li/Mg temperature record of the mid-depth Atlantic, determined the glacial cooling rate and aging (via 14C), and she even established MC-ICPMS Li-isotope measurements to test the source of Li in the corals. Marleen is an extraordinary skillful team member who managed the ICPMS during her work, helped conducting ADCP, CTD, and other tools during M141/2 and M151 research cruises. We congratulate her for this major success and we are grateful that she will stay another 6 months as postdoctoral fellow.

Insights into Atlantic thermocline seawater temperatures from cold-water corals since the last glacial
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