Riccardo Lizio accomplished his Bachelorthesis on the trace-element composition of Southern Ocean sediments

Riccardo infront of IUP on the day of his successful defense

Riccardo has conducted his Bachelorthesis exploring the trace and major element composition of sediments from the southern Atlantic Polar Ocean. His results clearly demonstrate the importance of the silicate dominated sediment composition on the Rare Earth Elements and highlight the presence of a hydrothermal/volcanic source in the vicinity of core ODP1094 (50°S, 5°E, 2700m). His work confirms previous interpretations of Nd-isotopes, and provides evidence of the local influences of the Nd cycling on Meteor Rise near the southerward spreading Malvinas plate. Congratulation Riccardo for an excellent Bachelorthesis that allowed to progress significantly with the DFG funded project on the Nd-sensitivity.