Article on 39Ar-ATTA in "Physik Journal"


Markus Oberthaler (KIP) and Werner Aeschbach (IUP) have published an article about the analysis of 39Ar by the quantum technological method ATTA (Atom Trap Trace Analysis) in the Journal of the German Physical Society (DPG). Under the heading "Searching traces in the Environment", they describe how quantum technologies help to analyse and date processes in the environment that run on timescales of centuries. Examples are the formation of deep water in the ocean or the growth of glacier ice in the Alps.

Especially pleasing: The topic "Quantum technologies in environmental physics" made it onto the title page of the November issue of the journal, with a picture from a recent expedition to sample ice of the Jamtalferner in Austria (see picture).

Reference: Oberthaler, M. and W. Aeschbach, 2021. Spurensuche in der Umwelt. Physik-Journal 20, Nr. 11, 25-30.

Link to the November issue of the Physik Journal