Update of the atmospheric krypton-85 input function

Atmospheric 85Kr records and baseline fits for both hemispheres as well as the interhemispheric exchange time

85Kr is an important dating tracer for water and ice with ages up to about 40 years. The new analytical technique of ATTA will make this method more widely applicable. A prerequisite for applications is a good knowledge of the atmospheric 85Kr concentration history, which differs between the northern and the southern hemisphere.

A team of scientists including Dr. Arne Kersting of the HydroTraP group at IUP in a leading role has now published a new assessment of this 85Kr input function, along with estimates of the interhemispheric exchange time of the atmosphere. The study entitled "Evaluating 5 decades of atmospheric 85Kr measurements in the southern hemisphere to derive an input function for dating water and ice with implications for interhemispheric circulation and the global 85Kr emission inventory" has been published in the "Journal of Environmental Radioactivity".