Janica Bühler

Portrait Janica Bühler
Position PhD Student
Address Im Neuenheimer Feld 229
Room 344
Phone +49 6221 54 6318
E-mail janica.buehler@iup.uni-heidelberg.de

Research interests

  • Paleoclimate archives especially speleothemes
  • Model-data comparisons and proxy system modeling
  • Climate reconstruction & dynamics
  • Paleoclimate Modeling
  • Age-depth modeling

Janica Bühler is a PhD student in the STACY project at the Institute of Environmental Physics in Heidelberg and the Geo- and Environmental Center in Tübingen. Her work focuses on statistical assessments and modeling of paleoclimatic archives, in particular of speleothems. She analyzes the archived oxygen and carbon isotopic signatures and compares them to modeled climate variables of different climate models over the last millennium (850-1850CE). Additionally, she investigates age-depth models and their challenges in speleothems.

Her former education at Ulm University and Queen's University in Belfast includes quantum information and technology and focused mainly on numerical simulations and optimization of quantum many-body problems.


  • Bühler, J. C., Roesch, C., Kirschner, M., Sime, L., Holloway, M. D., and Rehfeld, K.: Comparison of the oxygen isotope signatures in speleothem records and iHadCM3 model simulations for the last millennium, Climate of the Past, doi:10.5194/cp-17-985-2021, 2021.