Dr. Kathrin Foshag

Dr. Kathrin Foshag
Position Postdoctoral Researcher
Address Im Neuenheimer Feld 229
Room 440
Phone 54 6313
E-mail kathrin.leutz@iup.uni-heidelberg.de
Group Hydrospheric Tracers and Proxies
Website http://www.iup.uni-heidelberg.de/institut/forschung/groups/aquasys/gp/

Research interests

  • Transdisciplinary climate change research
  • Research-based learning
  • science communication

Selected publications

  • K. Foshag, N. Aeschbach, B. Hoefle, R. Winkler, A. Siegmund, W. Aeschbach, in preparation. Viability of public spaces in cities under increasing heat: a transdisciplinary approach. Nature Sustainability.
  • K. Leutz, 2019. Klimawandel an oeffentlichen Plaetzen der Stadt Heidelberg. Transdisziplinaere Herausforderungen urbaner Raeume., Ph.D. thesis in Combined Faculties of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. University of Heidelberg: Heidelberg. Available from: http://archiv.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/volltextserver/25989/1/Dissertation_Leutz_Kathrin_2018.pdf.
  • K. Leutz, 2018. Forschendes Lernen zum Thema Klimawandel. In: S. Eck, Editor, 2018. Forschendes Lernen - Lernendes Forschen, Beltz Juventa, p. 192-201.
  • K. Leutz, 2017. Forschungsnahes, Forschungsorientiertes, Forschungsbasiertes oder einfach Forschendes Lernen. Available from: https://hse.hypotheses.org/657.
  • Fohlmeister, J., C. Spoetl, B. Plessen, R. Tjallingii, A. Schroeder-Ritzrau, N. Frank, J. Arps, K. Leutz, N. Vollweiler, M. Truessel, 2017. Oxygen isotope fractionation processes in the water-calcite-aragonite system. Geophysical Research, Abstracts Vol. 19, EGU2017-6325.
  • Arps J., M. Truessel, K. Leutz, A. Schroeder-Ritzrau, L. Edwards, H. Cheng, P. Zhang, F. Thil, M. Deininger, N. Aeschbach, C. Spoetl, J. Fohlmeister, N. Frank N, 2017. Centennial Growth Rate Variability of Two Alpine Holocene Speleothems. Goldschmidt2017 Abstract.