07.07.2021 - We congratulate Arvinsah for the successful completion of his science project. He investigated 8 stalagmites from a cave at the southern edge of the Himalaya. Due to the unique…
07.07.2021 - Speläotheme sind wertvolle Archive für Informationen über vergangene Klima- und Niederschlagsschwankungen. Die Naharon-Höhle bei Tulum auf der Halbinsel Yucatán, Mexiko, beherbergte ein…
05.07.2021 - We congratulate Fabian for the successful developed of a graphical user interface for the evaluation of thorium/uranium measurements and age determination using Python. Several…
01.06.2021 - Speleothem deposits indicate phases of precipitation. So far only very few of such archives have been found in the today hyper-arid Saharo-Arabian Desert (SAD). Therefore, the Saquia…
01.06.2021 - The equilibrium oxygen isotope fractionation factor between calcite and water allows in principle to infer temperature variations from carbonate δ18O if carbonate formation occurred in…
20.05.2021 - Spring systems are efficient and fast precipitating non-marine carbonate factories, but they are also prone to (early) diagenesis. This study revisits the Y-10 core, taken at one of the…
11.05.2021 - Quantitative records on deep-water dynamics in the North Atlantic older than ~1 Myr are sparse and typically of low temporal resolution. Kim Jakob and her colleagues provide now a new…
04.05.2021 - Radiocarbon (14C) has become a valuable proxy in paleoclimate research on carbonate archives like corals or stalagmites. For the investigation of past climate change, reproducible and…
20.04.2021 - Laura Lütkes has successfully accomplished her Master thesis project in physics on the study of Nd-isotopes in cold-water corals along a transect of the eastern Atlantic Ocean from…

May 2019

bach Tamara Dardoufas has accomplished and defended her Bachelorthesis on the age distribution and U-isotope composition of cold-water corals from the Azores and Great Meteor Seamount. Outstanding results, many thanks.

April 2019

christoph Christoph Dornick has demonstrated in his master thesis that Th, U and Pa isotope measurements by MC-ICPMS and disequilibrium dating is feasible without artifical spike isotopes. Thank you very much for this discovery and its future applications.


gechron EGU launched a new open access journal on geochronology. GChron is dedicated to the discussion and publication of high-quality research on processes used to quantify time throughout Earth's history. Norbert Frank, Werner Aeschbach, and Axel Schmitt from Heidelberg are associate editors.

March 2019

puerto rico


Sophie Warken has taken 3 students and her colleague Rolf Vieten from Hebrew University to Puerto Rico in the frame of a Project funded by Heidelberg University to collect speleothems and cave drip water for climate studies. All are well and the field work makes great progress


namibia Andrea Schröder-Ritzrau and René Eichstädter joint the international field workshop “Precambrian-Cambrian boundary, Ediacara biota, Snowball Earth deposits and the Geology of the Nama Basin around Aus (Southern Namibia)”arranged by Prof. Ulf Linnemann and colleagues and joint by he Geological Survey of Namibia, Windhoek

February 2019

jan Jan Kamm has demonstrated in his bachelor thesis that the U-isotopic composition at the Amazon river estuary is strongly influenced by the regional particle fluxes. Thank you very muuch for all your discoveries, which will be presented on Goldschmidt 2019.

January 2019

price poster hgsfp Julius Förstel has won the Poster-Award of the 2019 HGSFP Winterschool in Obergurgl, Austria. We congratulate for this great success for his scientific activities using laser-ablation ICPMS to trace elements and isotopes on the structural level of carbonate climate archives


martin Martin Werner from AWi Bremerhaven will be our guest this Wednesday and Thursday and we are happy that he shares his experience on water isotope permitting global climate models with us.


award Norbert Frank received the teaching award 2018 from the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy. We thank the students for their vote and the colleagues Werner Aeschbach, Ulrich Platt, Kurt Roth, and Klaus Pfeilsticker who put the lecture initially in place and the tutor team for an excellent help through the semester.


quaternary Jessica Oster, Sophie Warken and her colleagues from the SISAL Pages working group have put forward a paper on speleothem paleoclimatology for the Caribbean


gca Patrick Blaser and the team working on Nd isotopes demonstrates the resilience and sensitivity of Northeast Atlantic deep water εNd to detrital fluxes over the past 30,000 years

December 2018

chemical geology Rachel Morrison and the team working on the geochemistry of Nd in seawater have demonstrated a limited influence of basalt weathering inputs on its seawater isotope composition of the northern Iceland Basin.

November 2018

news november A first result of the cruise M151 is an application note by Patrick Blaser and Jacek Raddatz on the use of oxygen sensor stripes to reveal the O2 consumption in marine sediments

October 2018

planet erde PlanetErde reports on the research cruise ATHENA (M151) (in german) to the subtropical North Atlantic seamounts and our search for living and fossil cold-water corals.

September 2018

lukas A new 14C line was constructed during the Bachelor project of Lukas Proß, which is now in service and producing quality results. This will help improve our capacitiy, reproducibility and blanks for calcite samples


chemical geology Peter Spooner and his collegues have published an extended calibration of cold-water coral Ba/Ca measurements of dissolved barium concentration, in which they demonstrate a linear Ba/Ca - seawater [Ba] relationship.


marleen Marleen Lausecker has successfully established the chemistry to extract quantitatively Li from fossil corals. This smile is well deserved. Isotope measurements are the next step.