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The Organigram


The following figure illustrates the 'complexity' of our teams workflow in which everyone has a specialist role and various levels of responsability. This organigram is somewhat floating in 'time' as the structure changes with the presence of postdoctoral fellows or regarding novel technology. Here, technological infra-structure and sample collection is placed in the center since the two building blocks allow producing exciting science and services for which scientists and students take responsability. The level above the infra-structure shows the permanent staff and leaders of the science projects, who develop the science plans and vision, and who manage the contractual link to partners, such as KTL, KIT, or the Earth Science department. At this level the management and controlling is routed. Team leaders are further involved in the future vision of the Institute of Environmental Physics. In the science level following below the postdocs are leading their individual science projects very independently and take significant responsibility for the success of the work, maintenance and development of technology, as well as new cooperations. The postdoctoral fellows also contribute to the management of external funding and services and most importantly they participate actively in the training of our students and colleagues to ultimaltely develop a strong independent and complete research profile for their future career.


The operation of the teams is organized in regular weekly meetings and particular special - seminar series or group events. The user planning of ETIS is done on the team leader level in close exchange with the specialist scientists. Regarding the science projects and capabilities of the existing infra-structure check out details on this websites.

Last update: 26.06.2022