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Current research areas include methodological developments for new applications of mass spectrometry and laser spectroscopy. Trace substances that are representative for climate system states (e.g. temperature, water dynamics, and material cycles) are important topics besides age determination with natural radionuclides (radiocarbon and uranium decay series products). High-precision measurements of natural radionuclides allow to synchronize climate events worldwide. Isotope trace substances (stable isotopes O, C, H as well as rare isotope systems Li, U, Pa/Th, Ba, Nd ... ) allow detection of changes in matter cycles in the climate system, archive formation, and preservation. Simple numerical models help to simulate the storage of climate signals in archives, or to test regional climate changes for their global relevance.

The research projects are a substantial part of the education and we invest a lot in research relevant education. Students from different departments meet weekly to discuss the progress of their scientific work in the Oberseminar: Physics of Environmental Archives. Extra events with main topics complement our teamwork. Independent work in a team on an own research question and under optimal conditions is always our goal - internationality is important. The research work should achieve a scientific character of the written elaboration in the ideal case up to the specialized publication.

Open Research Projects:

"Watching Stones Grow"

Presently no projects are open in this new field ...

"Age and thermal History of the Atlantic Ocean"

Presently no projects are open in this new field ...

"Fluid Inclusions in coral skeletons"

Presently no projects are open in this new field ...