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services regarding Th/U dating on corals, speleothems travertine

We offer scientific collaboration to achieve

1. Th/U age determination of corals, stalagmites, travertine, and calcareous tufa, with precision levels up to sub-permil, if the samples state of preservation and quality allows for it. We have more than 25 years experience in this field with a large number of publications and numerous innovations. Our infra-structure comprises cutting edge clean laboratories for sample preparation and state of the art multi-collector inductively coupled plasma source mass spectrometry. Over the course of a year we process roughly 1000 high precision 230Th/U ages for our research and the one of our partners, feel welcome to get in touch with us.

2. Radiogenic isotopes (Nd) in corals and marine sediments, is another strong analytical field, in which we process hundreds to thousands of measures every year. Our data quality is visible through a large number of publications and we are in this field of geochemical trace isotope oceanography since 20 years with great success. The analytical infra-structure is up- to - date and we dispose unique pico-trac clean laboratories for sample preparation

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