Ways to a sustainable and secure food supply


How to feed a growing global population in a secure and sustainable way? The conventional, biogenic agriculture has yet failed to provide a reliable concept which circumvents its severe environmental externalities—such as the massive use of land area, water for irrigation, fertiliser, pesticides, herbicides, and fossil fuel.

Florian Dinger and Ulrich Platt published a techno-economical study on the artificial production of carbohydrates which may pave the way in a new era of food supply. The artificial synthesis of carbohydrates from atmospheric carbon dioxide, water, and renewable energy would allow not only for a highly reliable production without those externalities, but would also allow to increase the agricultural capacities of our planet by several orders of magnitude. It has been estimated that the total production costs of synthetic carbohydrates are economically competitive to a biogenic production by the end of this decade.

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