Steffen Therre receives his PhD

Steffen Therre after his defence last Tuesday

Steffen Therre received his PhD last week. He studied physics and became a member of the team Physics of Environmental Archives during his Bachelor Science Project in 2014. Over the years he took on ever more responsibility in the radiocarbon lab and became our laboratory manager for the production of all radiocarbon measures, whether on corals, or water, or speleothems. His PhD project was centered on the radiocarbon reconstruction in speleothems to trace the temporal changes of the global atmospheric radiocarbon content (i.e. 14C calibration). He contributed much in the discovery of large reservoir effects (dead carbon variations). Those are today understood as climate driven changes in soil carbon cycling and vegetation. We congratulate Steffen Therre for this fantastic success and we want to thank him once again for supporting the team and the Institute of Environmental Physics so much over the past six years through his work, skills, and enthusiasm.