Evan Cooper Border receives his PhD

Evan and Steffen received their PhDs

Evan Cooper Border a physics student in our team has received his PhD on last Wednesday. Evan worked on the hypothesis of whether or not natural U-isotopes, here the 234U/238U ratio, are in steady state in the Ocean. After a major breakthrough using cold-water corals as archive of past water mass dynamic during his master project, he moved to this new and exciting scientific frontier and discovered measurable deviation of the natural 234U/238U through the Atlantic. He proved the Mediterranean Sea to differ from the Atlantic and he showed the quantified the influence of submerged groundwater on the marine U cycle. Through his work a new research field opened, which even led to a research cruise in 2017. Evan is a outstanding team member who made major achievements in the past years. We congratulate him for the this success and the unique advances in science his work has made possible. We are grateful that he was part of our team for several years as his enthusiasm is infectious and his work truly exceptional.