Start of a new DFG Priority Program (SPP2299 - Trop­ical Cli­mate Vari­ab­il­ity & Coral Reefs)

Group Photo SPP2299 Kick-Off in Bremen

Sahra Greve, Sophie Warken and Norbert Frank participate in a new DFG priority program on tropical climate variability for which the Kick-Off Meeting was held in Bremen. Sahra presented the progress and future plan of our project: 'Quantifying post Little-Ice-Age freshwater influences and ocean dynamics in the Central American Sea using a novel tracer combination: 234U/238U– (P)SST – 14C'.

Rising sea surface temperatures threaten tropical coral reefs, as these ecosystems are sensitive to a changing environment. The Priority Programme "Tropical Climate Variability & Coral Reefs" (SPP 2299), funded by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft – DFG) with about 12 Million Euro, aims to improve our understanding of tropical marine climate variability and its impacts on coral reef ecosystems in a warming world. This will be accomplished by quantifying climate and environmental changes both during the current warming and during past warm periods on time scales relevant to society. Read more