New Publication on the methane emission of oil and gas wells in Romania

ROMEO campaign

Piotr Korben and co-workers have published the results from the ROMEO campaign (ROmanian Methane Emissions from Oil and gas). The focus was on measurements of methane (CH4) emission rates from oil and natural gas (O&G) production in Romania. In October 2019 numerous oil and gas wells have been visited and studied using mobile in situ measurement of CH4 and wind. Applying plume models yield for the 112 O&G well sites and other production-related facilities 0.49 [0.35, 0.71] kg CH4 h−1 per site. Just 10% of all quantified sites account for about 60% of the estimated emission rates. In addition, more than 1,000 O&G sites were visited for a qualitative “screening” (CH4 detection without quantification). For more information read the new article published online here: