Institutskolloquium Wintersemester 2015/2016

Zeit: Donnerstag 11:00 - 12:30
INF 229, Seminarraum 108/110

Datum Thema Referent
15.10.2015 Ground-Penetrating Radar for the quantitative study of near-surface hydrologic processes: Selected highlights after five years @ASSESS Dr. Patrick Klenk
IUP Heidelberg
Fr., 23.10.2015, 13:55 Uhr
Taking the Earth’s temperature using new physical ice core thermometers Prof. Dr. Hubertus Fischer
KUP, Universität Bern
29.10.2015 Paleoclimate and groundwater dynamics in the North China Plain Dr.Tim Schneider
IUP Heidelberg
05.11.2015 20th century atmospheric chemistry changes over Europe reconstructed from Col du Dôme ice cores Dr. Susanne Preunkert
LGGE, Grenoble
12.11.2015 The carbon cycle and ocean circulation from Last Glacial Maximum through Deglaciation Dr. Mathis P. Hain
University of Southampton
19.11.2015 Mobilization of fossil carbon from Arctic permafrost - evidence from compound-specific radiocarbon dating Prof. Dr. Gesine Mollenhauer
AWI, Bremerhaven
26.11.2015 The influence of land and sea ice on Southern Ocean salinity and its recent trends Dr. Matthias Münnich
IBP UP, ETH Zürich
03.12.2015 On the role of the Southern Ocean in driving past climate variability
Prof. Dr. Samuel Jaccard
Universität Bern
10.12.2015 Estimation of Soil Hydraulic Properties based on Time-Lapse GPR Measurements Stefan Jaumann
IUP Heidelberg
17.12.2015 Bromine chemistry in the tropical tropopause layer during the NASA ATTREX experiments Bodo Werner
IUP Heidelberg
14.01.2016 Secondary Ionization Mass Spectrometry in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Prof. Dr. Axel Schmitt
Geowissenschaften, HD
21.01.2016 New insights into European summer temperature variations back to Roman times Prof. Dr. Jürg Luterbacher
Uni Giessen
28.01.2016 Multi-tracer data assimilation for biogeochemical flux estimation Prof. Dr. Reiner Schlitzer
AWI Bremerhaven
04.02.2016 Laser and ice: Exploring ultra-high resolution for the next generation of ice core analyses Dr. Pascal Bohleber
University of Maine / IUP