Research Seminar "Aquatic Systems"

Prof. W. Aeschbach

Contents: Current research on the physics of aquatic systems, in particular applications of environmental tracer methods.
Suitable for: Diploma and Ph.D. students, students with a particular interest in the field

Participants: Scientists, PhD- and diploma students of the section "aquatic systems" of the IUP.
Students interested in participating are asked to contact W. Aeschbac  ( or 54 6331)

Working language is usually English.

Program Summer Term 2017

Wed, 9:15-10:45, INF229, Seminar room 120

Begin: 19. 4. 17

19. 4. 17
Planning of the semester
Werner Aeschbach

26. 4. 17
New MSc theses, progress in lab safety evaluation and discussion about webpages
Werner Aeschbach and Dang Duy Thao Le

3. 5. 17 (preliminary)
Short report from the EGU meeting
Simon Mayer and Florian Jenner

10. 5. 17
still open

17. 5. 17
still open

24. 5. 17 (preliminary)
Noble gases from Estonia
Valle Raidla

Possible topics:

Recent publications
Planning and progress of manuscripts
Presentations for conferences
Reports on ongoing work
Project plans

Status reports by diploma/BSc/MSc and PhD-students:
Florian Freundt
Simon Mayer
Arne Kersting
Kathrin Leutz
Maximilian Schmidt
Emeline Mathouchanh
Ronja Speicher
Sebastian Stezura
Florian Jenner