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Soil Physics Lecture

Modeling Terrestrial Systems (MVEnv special)

Kurt Roth

SS 2013, MVEnv special
Lecture: Mo 16:15-17:45, INF 229,SR 108/110
and OMZ INF 350, U 011


Operational capability to analyze and simulate numerically the field-scale flow of water observed with ground-penetrating radar


Sites & Data:

  • ASSESS-GPR, a 20 x 4 x 2 m3 constructed sand box with natural atmospheric forcing and controlled water table
  • field site near Fengqiu Research Station, North China Plain
  • MuPhi: Richards solver (Olaf Ippisch, IWR)
  • MEEP: Maxwell solver (MIT)


Quickly review/introduce the underlying physical concepts

  • soil water flow (parameterization, phenomenology)
  • electromagnetic methods (propagation of waves, dielectric model, TDR, GPR incl methods)

and then form small groups who define and tackle small projects.


This course belongs to the Masters curriculum in physics. It may also be of interest for students of mathematics with an interest in applications and for students of geosciences and geography with an inclination towards theory and modeling.
MVEnv2 – Soil Physics –, or adequate knowledge of the material covered in the Lecture Notes in Soil Physics, is a mandatory prerequisite for this course.


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