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Papers mit Beteiligung aus der Limnophysik

von Rohden, C., A. Kreuzer, Z. Chen, and W. Aeschbach-Hertig, 2010. Accumulation of natural SF6 in the sedimentary aquifers of the North China Plain as a restriction on groundwater dating.
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies, 46(3), 279–290 (pdf)

Seebach, A., C. von Rohden, J. Ilmberger, S. M. Weise, and K. Knöller, 2010. Dating problems with selected mining lakes and the adjacent groundwater body in Lusatia, Germany.
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies, 46(3), 291–298 (pdf)

von Rohden, C., A. Kreuzer, Z. Y. Chen, R. Kipfer, and W. Aeschbach-Hertig, 2010. Characterizing the recharge regime of the strongly exploited aquifers of the North China Plain by environmental tracers.
Water Resources Research, 46, W05511, doi:05510.01029/02008WR007660. (pdf)

von Rohden, C., B. Boehrer, and J. Ilmberger, 2010. Evidence for double diffusion in temperate meromictic lakes.
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 14, 667-674. (pdf)

von Rohden, C., J. Ilmberger, and B. Boehrer, 2009. Assessing groundwater coupling and vertical exchange in a meromictic mining lake with an SF6-tracer experiment.
Journal of Hydrology, 372, 102-108. (pdf)

Boehrer, B., S. Dietz, C. von Rohden, U. Kiwel, K. D. Jöhnk, S. Naujoks, J. Ilmberger, and D. Lessmann, 2009. Double-diffusive deep water circulation in an iron-meromictic lake.
Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems, 10(6), Q06006, doi:06010.01029/02009GC002389. (pdf)

von Rohden, C., K. Wunderle, and J. Ilmberger, 2007. Parameterisation of the vertical transport in a small thermally stratified lake, Aquatic Sciences, 69, 129-137. (pdf)

Wollschläger, U., J. Ilmberger, M. Isenbeck-Schröter, A. M. Kreuzer, C. von Rohden, K. Roth, and W. Schäfer, 2007. Coupling of groundwater and surface water at Lake Willersinnweiher: Groundwater modeling and tracer studies.
Aquatic Sciences, 69, 138-152. (pdf)

Kluge, T., J. Ilmberger, C. von Rohden, and W. Aeschbach-Hertig, 2007. Tracing and quantifying groundwater inflow into lakes using a simple method for radon-222 analysis.
Hydrol. Earth Sys. Sci., 11, 1621-1631. (pdf)

von Rohden, C., J. Ilmberger, 2001. Tracer experiment with sulfur hexafluoride to quantify the vertical transport in a meromictic pit lake.
Aquatic Sciences, 63, 417-431. (pdf)

Bäuerle, E., D. Ollinger, and J. Ilmberger, 1998. Some meteorological, hydrological, and hydrodynamical aspects of Upper Lake Constance. In: Lake Constance: Characterization of an ecosystem in transition.
Eds.: Bäuerle, Erich; Gaedke, Ursula. Arch. Hydrobiol. Advanc. Limnol., 53, 31-83. (pdf)

Jung, M., J. Ilmberger, A. Mangini, and K.C. Emeis, 1997. Why some Mediterranean Sapropels survived burn-down (and others did not).
Marine Geol. (pdf)

Vogler, S., A. Mangini, and M. Jung, 1997. Scavenging of 234Th and 7Be in Lake Constance.
Limnology and Oceanography, 41(7), 1384-1393. (pdf)

Maiss, M., J. Ilmberger, A. Zenger, and K.O. Münnich, 1994. A SF6 tracer study of horizontal mixing in Lake Constance.
Aquatic Sciences, 56(4), 307-328. (pdf)

Maiss, M., J. Ilmberger. and K.O. Münnich, 1994. Vertical mixing in Überlingersee (Lake Constance) traced by SF6 and heat.
Aquatic Sciences, 56(4), 329-347. (pdf)

Bäuerle, E., 1994. Transverse baroclinic oscillations in Lake Überlingen.
Aquatic Sciences 56(2), 145-160. (pdf)

Bollhöfer, A., A. Mangini, A. Lenhard, M. Wessel, F. Giovanoli, and B. Schwarz, 1994. High resolution 210Pb-dating of Lake Constance sediments; Stable Lead in Lake Constance.
Env. Geology, 24, 267-274. (pdf)

Mangini, A., U. Christian, M. Barth, W. Schmitz and H.H. Stabel, 1990. Pathways and residence times of radiotracers in Lake Constance.
In: M.M. Tilzer & C. Serruya (eds.), Large Lakes - Ecological Structure and Function, Springer Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, 245-264.


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