Ruprecht-Karls-Universitšt Heidelberg

Physics of Isotopologues

Impressions from Field Work

Sampling of a test dating drill core from a stalagmite in the Franconian Albs (left). An automated drip rate counter has been installed at a closeby position for monitoring purposes (center). The project team at the entrance area of the main project cave in Franconian Alb (right).

Sampling of an examplary drill core from a cave sinter block for paleoclimatic studies. Changes in the deposition environment are clearly visible in the laminated structures of the recovered core (right side).

Water sampling during a very cold winter period at Lake Willersinnweiher (Rhine Valley, Germany). Results from the related research on groundwater-surface water exchange can be found in Kluge et al. (2012).

Sampling trip to caves in the Sauerland (Germany). Water was sampled for the investigation of the transit time through the vadose zone. Results are based on the radioactive hydrogen isotope tritium and are published in Kluge et al. (2010).

Noble gas sampling in caves in the Sauerland (Germany). Noble gas analysis were performed to evaluate cave air concentrations which are important for noble gas temperature reconstruction from speleothems (Kluge et al. (2008) and to determine tritium-helium-3 water ages (Kluge et al., 2010) .

Impressions from Lab Studies

Analytical setup for equilibrium precipitation of carbonates, phosphoric acid digestion and processing of the evolving gases.

CO2 purification line, consisting of an all-glass line for the cryogenic separation of water and non-condensable gases and a stainless steel line for further processing including a temperature-controlled gas-chromatographic column.

Setup for dissolution of highly pure calcite via purging with CO2. The solutions in the Erlenmeyer flasks are continuously stirred and kept at room temperature during the dissolution step. After complete dissolution the solution is filtered and either stored in a temperature-controlled water bath or a fridge for isotopic equilibration.