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06 - 31 October 2018

Follow the RV Meteor on its search for cold-water corals and the past Atlantic climate.
Find the RV Meteor Position here..
Colloquium of the Institute
2018-11-08 - 11:00 st
Dr. Jochen Landgraf
SRON Netherlands Institute
of Space Research
Titel: The Tropomi shortwave infrared data products: First results and future perspectives

2018-11-15 - 11:00 st
Dr. Christoph Kleinschmit
UP – Atmospheric Systems
Titel: Climate engineering with stratospheric sulphate aerosol


New C-14 Line

Lukas Proß and Steffen Therre have designed a new C-14 extraction line that was recently accomplished through the help of the glassblower and the IUP workshop

Geochimica Cosmochimica Acta

Jens Fohlmeister and the team working on caves of the Swiss Alp have shown how calcite and aragonite precipitation fractionates stable isotopes which can now be corrected for when time series of stalagmites present such features along their growth axes.

Journal of Quaternary Science

Fabio Hering and the Chan Hole cave (Mexico) research team have demonstrated evidence of humans occupation for more than 1200 years during the early and middle Holocene, with interruptions caused by global sea level rise and cave flooding.

Earth & Planet. Sci. Lett.

Freya Hemsing has published a very first assessment of the Ba-isotope fractionation between seawater and cold-water corals, which demonstrates its potential as possible paleo-nutrient type tracer.

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