Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Physics of Isotopologues

Group seminar "Traditional and advanced isotope systems"

Thursdays, 9.15 in the small seminar room SR 120 (first floor)

The group seminar aims at discussing current topics related to the application, use and development of isotope systems. It focusses on state-of the art research, in particular related to ongoing bachelor, master and PhD projects of the group. In addition, seminal papers in the field of isotopes and isotopologues will be presented and discussed. The seminar gives the opportunity to propose and scrutinize new ideas and to discuss long-standing questions in the related research fields. Insights into important methodological approaches and developments will be given on regular basis by student-led presentations.

Past and upcoming topics:

Summer term 2018
3.5. Feedback EGU (all)
17.5. Physics aspects in Clumped isotope anlysis and application
24.5. tba

Winter term 2017/2018
12.10. Communicating science
19.10. Raman spectroscoy (Therese Weißbach, Ivan Prokhorov)
26.10. (10 Uhr !) High resolution climate archives: example Zoolithen Cave (Dana Riechelmann)
2.11. Lab studies and experiments
9.11. Clumped isotopes in DIC - experimental and theoretical results (Andreas Weise)
16.11. Noble gas paleothermometry in North-western China (Wen Wei)
23.11. Current topics in isotopologue studies.
30.11. Seasonal climate cycles in speleothem samples
7.12. Separating small mass differences - 3He-4He mass spectrometry (Stefan Schäfer)
14.12. CO2 Clumped Isotopes - theory and use in geothermal applications (Maximilian Kalb)
21.12. Institute's seminar: 13.00
11.1.2018 Current state of fluid inclusion CRDS analyses (Therese Weißbach)
18.1.2018 Solid state reordering of clumped isotopes in carbonates, with case example (Tobias Kluge)
25.1.2018 Precise, direct, simultaneous spectroscopic measurements of CO2 singly- and doubly-substituted isotopologues - status report (Ivan Prokhorov)
8.2.2018 Best scientific practice in experimental studies, Feynman notes (all)
5.3.2018 at 2 pm! Water stable isotopes in stalagmite fluid inclusions (Stephane Affolter, University Bern)
29.3.2018 Rate constants of isotopic changes in DIC assed for clumped and stable isotopes in instantaneously precipitated strontium carbonate (Andreas Weise)

Summer term 2017
6.4. Current experiments - overview
20.4. Water isotopes - Rayleigh fractionation under well-controlled conditions (Tobias Schmitt)
11.5. Paleoclimate during late Cretaceous and Eocene in China (Laiming Zhang)
22.5. (Mo, 10.15!) Temperature and hydroclimate variability in southern Australia during the Last Glacial Period (Georgy Falster). Note change in date and time!
1.6. Multiply-substituted isotopologues: future frontiers at the example of N2O and NOx (Andreas Weise)
7.6. (We, 9.15!) Joint seminar with Aquatic Physics - Water isotope fractionation after Craig and Gordon with new insights from experiments (Tobias Schmitt)
14.6. (We, 11.15!) Recent papers in the field of CO2 and carbonate clumped isotopes.
29.6. Isotopologues of O2 - overview and discussion (Markus Haun).
6.7. Advances in laser-spectroscopic isotopologues analysis of CO2 (Ivan Prokhorov).
13.7. Isotope exchange rates of clumped and oxygen isotopes (Maximillian Kalb).
27.7. MAT 253 - characterization (background, standards, ETF) and application to kinetic fractionation (Markus Haun).
2.8. 15.00: (Wednesday!) Water isotope fractionation and exchange - bachelor thesis Tobias Schmitt.
7.8. 11:00: (Monday!) Deciphering cretaceous seasonality from mollusc shells using both clumped isotope and SIMS techniques (Prof. Ghosh). Joint seminar with Physics of Environmental Archives.

Winter term 2016/2017
3.11. Homo Heidelbergensis and Interglacial Climates
10.11. Climatic extreme events - an isotopic view
17.11. An overview on the interpretation of C-13 in stalagmites (David Schäfer)
24.11. The 8.2 ka event (Tobias Schmitt)
1.12. Clumped isotopes re-equilibration in CO2 and experimental status(Laura Lütkes)
8.12. Paper discussion (tba)
12.12. Monday, 11.00, joint seminar with the group "Physics of Environmental Archives"(Ivan Prokhorov): Laser spectrometer for CO2 clumped isotope analysis: development, status and first measurements.
12.1.2017 Current group research - summary.
19.1.2017 Clumped Isotopes in DIC - first insights from experimental data and new models (Kluge).
26.1.2017 Dansgaard-Oeschger and Heinrich Events (Andreas Weise).
2.2. 2017 Overview on experiments for visualisation of environmental physics (Sabrina Mack).
23.2. 2017 Research insights (fluid inclusion theory, recent clumped data).
9.3.2017 Triple oxygen isotopes - overview, summary and current developments (Ivan Prokhorov).
13.3. 2017 Monday - instead of Thursday! Joint seminar with the group "Physics of Environmental Archives": First results from a MIS 11 speleothem of the Odenwald region.
27.3. 2017 Monday (!) Clumped isotopes as proxy for temperature evolution in hydrothermal systems - first insights from travertines (Laura Lüttkes).

Summer term 2016
7.4. Presentation Staatsexamenarbeit and discussion of posters for EGU
14.4. Presentation Phd Project on Fluid Inclusions (Maialen Lopez Elorza)
28.4. Paper discussion TBA
12.5. Bachelorproject on isotopic re-equilibration (Astrid Haderlein)
19.5. Paper on the current limits of precision and applicability of laser spectroscopic isotope analysis (Ivan Prokhorov)
2.6. Experiments illustrating the basics and principles of environmental physics (Sabrina Mack)
8.6. Interglacial climates - physical constraints and geological evidence (all)
16.6. Clumped Isotopes: First results and next steps (Tobias Kluge)
7.7. Paper discussion (tba)
14.7. Interglacial climates - first summary (all)
21.7. Noble gases in fluid inclusions (Maialen, Therese, Yves)

Winter term 2015-2016
24.9. Organisational meeting
1.10. Stable isotopes in fluid inclusions - an introduction
4.11. Experimental procedures and laboratory safety
12.11. Isotope ratio mass spectrometry (Frieder Ernst)
18.11. Fluid inclusion analysis - development and application of new measurement techniques (Therese Weißbach, joint seminar with the Aquatic Systems Group, lcoation SR 120, 9.15-11 !)
23.11. Absorption spectroscopy of CO2 isotopologues (Ivan Prokhorov, joint meeting with the Environmental Archives Group), location: SR 108/101 11-12.30!
3.12. Status reports and experiment progress
17.12. Joint seminar with the Aquatic Systems Group at 5 pm
14.1. Paper discussion: fluid inclusions in unusual archives

Further dates: tba
Topics for the upcoming dates: status report of the bachelor projects, mass spectrometric and laser spectroscopic systems, paper discussion ( Affek et al., 2014: Kinetic isotope effects in speleothems; Demeny et al., 2016: Recrystallization-induced isotope exchange), project themes (Paleoclimate archives; Triple Oxygen isotopes; Clumped isotopes beyond CO2; Global paleotemperatures on the Ma age scale).