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Global Change and Globalization

General issues

Global change and globalization are inexorably interlinked. The process of economic and social globalization through the integration of world markets, exchange of populations and ideas, and through the creation of international institutions has created historically unprecedented opportunities for economic growth and development.
At the same time, the growth in output and the shift in the spatial pattern of production is the main cause of new environmental problems. Environmental problems themselves feed back into globalization processes by setting into motion social and economic changes such as pressure on health systems, migration, and geopolitical conflicts. While being a driver of global change, globalization also holds the institutional keys to their potential resolution through globally integrated markets and international institutions. Read more ...


Meeting the research challenge of global change and globalization requires understanding the new causal links, relationships, processes, and players. Doing so is impossible without creating new links between the different scientific disciplines that engage with the goal of global sustainability. While the general objective is to foster these links across the University, the specific focus of this proposal is to prepare for an research cluster within the Initiative for Excellence II. Read more ...

Heidelberg Center for the Environment (HCE)

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